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Universal Partners FX Review

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  • universal partners fx review
Universal Partners FX Review
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    Victoria Little
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UPFX Review

We know how much of a gamble it is to handle international transactions. Small negligence may cost you your entire earnings. One needs to have a broader and deeper understanding of tackling the transfer process under proper guidance and instructions. A flawless understanding of how the market functions, property investment in foreign countries and how to deal with the middleman, proper knowledge of the exchange rates and their fluctuations, transfer charges, etc. are some of the few listed things in the context of making international transactions. In this regard, everyone today has an eye on the award-winning foreign exchange service extending UPFX firm.

upfx review

upfx review

The perfect dais for your abroad payments is now an easy move with the backing of Universal Partners FX. May it be making an international payment, buying or selling products and services online, or planning for a dream holiday home overseas; with the counselling of UPFX, all your concerns regarding fund transfers gets nullified. With their foreign exchange services, competitive exchange rates and easy to use online payment platform, UPFX prioritizes customer satisfaction with a pledge to save your additional expenses and of course your valuable time on every transfer.

Universal Partners FX is a top-rated foreign exchange agency consisting of experts from the field of finance and foreign exchange each with an experience of over 20 years to handle clients from all strata of the society. Proficient personal and corporate dealers who have sound experience of over 100 years in the foreign exchange market. The Currency Risk Managers to monitor the fluctuations of the market. Their back-office team alone is a lead of 83 individuals to improve customer experiences regularly.

They are one of the prime international foreign exchange companies and renowned as the largest payment engine with an annual turnover of about £20 billion, operating for ten years.


UPFX started trading late 2016. The two owners/directors Oliver Carson and Dhaval Patel were the head brokers that use to work for Currency Solutions. Their wealth of knowledge brought them together to build UPFX and their experienced team helping their wide range of customers in moving their funds throughout the globe. They regularly monitor the market for a comparative analysis of their exchange rates with the global competition and ensure and target their rate of exchange as per buyer’s convenience. FCA and AEMI authorization speaks about their work. It is most reliable in today’s era to catch hold oh UPFX’s hands for 24/7 online access and fast global transfers with a footprint of 25 years of experience in their sector of expertise.

Here at UPFX, you can either register for your personal transfer or the overall corporate transfer. Completing your oversea transaction under the guidance of UPFX ensures the safety of your funds, and fail-safe to and from catering all your international transfer needs. All you need to do is register for an account with the firm, lock in your exchange rate, send your money to them accompanying your beneficiary details and let them complete the further proceedings for you. Additionally, they offer you segregated bank accounts safeguarding all your funds through the entire transfer process thus maintaining transparency.

Let’s say, for example, you find a perfect holiday home for €500,000, and your bank offers you £1 = €1.17 as an exchange rate, with this your cost turns out to be £427,350. On the contrary, UPFX offers you an exchange rate of £1 = €1.22, which would cost you £409,836 for your dream home. The difference is clearly visible. With UPFX, one saves £17,500 additional expenses.

The above facilities apply to its Business services too. Additionally, the services provided under the business category are as follows:

Spot: Advantage of an exchange rate at any given time or with an advance of 10 days. It is after this that you are required to furnish them with your beneficiary details to transact with any bank accounts overseas.

Forward: Allows you to take advantage of locking an exchange rate today for future transactions. Few of the many beneficiaries of this contract is that you lock your transfer at a comfortable exchange rate as per your taste buds.

Market Orders: The executive of the enterprise assists you in targeting a particular exchange rate if you think that the market conditions might improve later and you got ample of time for your next transfer.

Stop Loss: Smartly nullifies all your expected losses with a safety net.

Transferring money either to Spain, Saudi Arabia or the US, is now an easy task with UPFX. Let’s assume you import furniture from China to the UK and pay your dealers $5M on an annual basis. Being corporate, the bank offers £1 = $1.28 as the exchange rate, and you end paying £3,906,250 for your furniture. This situation twists when you have UPFX with you. UPFX offers you £1 = $1.34 as the exchange rate; you pay £3,731,343 as furniture expenses. Accompanied by UPFX, the per month bottom line profits shoots by £15,000 and which turns around £180,000 per annum.

The company on their online platform maintains a continuous upgrade and monitoring of the currency graphs, interbank exchange rates, IBAN checker and many more with a pledge of extending transparency in their business. Customer satisfaction is what they aim at. They want their buyers to be crystal clear with the entire process and the currency market. In order to enable their clients to have a look at how their funds flow through the market, they assign every purchaser with an expert executive.

upfx review

upfx review


UPFX is thus a complete blend of the professional and personalised services that prioritise their clients first before their company’s success. They do not charge you any sort of hidden commissions. Their online platform is the one-stop solution for international business banking and payments across the globe. The owe access to over 50 distinct currency pairs and 24/7 live access from every nook and corner of the world. Their team comprises of unique delegates representing a cluster of few experts in the market as they believe in rendering best services to their users.

So, what are you up to now? Make a smart selection for your international transfers and secure your funds with zero exchange charges.

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