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World First Review

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World First Review
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    Victoria Little
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World First Review

The UK based World First was started in a basement flat in South London by friends Jonathan Quinn and Nick Robinson in 2004. Both had 10 years’ experience in corporate banking and saw an opportunity to start their own enterprise that competed with the exchange rates banks offered. Relying on selecting the right staff support the partners have expanded into a global business with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Austin, Texas. Seeking to beat bank rates, while retaining bank credibility, former deputy governor of the Bank of England, Sir David Clementi, serves as World first’s board chairman.

world-first reviewWorld first is one the fastest growing Forex companies in the UK, with consistent 40% annual growth.


World first provides currency exchange and international payments to private clients with spot contracts and forward options.

Corporate clients in the UK and a number of other countries use exchange and payment services as well as derivative hedging services including:

  • Rate Watch.
  • Protection option
  • Risk reversal
  • 50% participating forward
  • Convertible forward

World first has the liquidity necessary for large, hedged transactions.

Dedicated support for Online Sellers; eCommerce assistance includes setting up foreign bank accounts that will receive payments.

Services include live app, mobile app and smartwatch app.

Self-described as a phenomenal currency exchange company, World first has received notice for its fast growth and awards for customer service. Some of these accolades have come from partnering companies, like The Sunday Times who awarded their partner a ‘one of the top 100 best businesses to work for’.

World first has ’75,000 yearly active customers’ and handles 121 currencies.


Rich in video, image and text content, the website serves World first very well as a good introduction to the company and also as a supportive ‘virtual partner’ for business.

The blog has daily market watch videos by Jeremy Cook

Rates Not Competitive:

World first came 5th out of 6 for poorest returns when currency companies were compared by a popular UK review site.

World first’s rate on March 14, 2016, was 163 euro less than a smaller competitor’s rate!


Given the attention to detail seen on their website, it’s surprising to read some of the negative World first reviews:

Is World first’s rapid expansion to blame for these most recent TRUSTPILOT reviews?